Smaller Pets Treat Bundle


A closer look at what's included - and their amazing benefits.

Thank you for purchasing a treat bundle!

All profits from each purchase help to fund Woodgreen’s vital work. From life-saving operations and medicines to warmth and specialist food, you could make a real difference to homeless and vulnerable pets. And you’ll enable us to be there for owners in need of advice and support too.

Natural willow


Small pets need to gnaw on items to keep their teeth in good shape. Often, they will not enjoy wooden chew toys as the tasty bark has been removed. Natural willow offers a great alternative!

Great for small pets teeth
Natural willow

Chewing on the natural willow items in their smaller pet treat bundle will aid in helping to keep your small pets teeth in good condition.

Top tip!

Don't forget, all of these willow items are to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Willow spiral

The spiral is great for enhancing the habitat of any small animal, and will provide interest and is a great way to keep small pets entertained.

Willow Corn

Completely natural, the willow corn provides a healthy boredom breaking treat and nibbly challenge.

Play Ball

This natural play ball is perfect for entertaining any furry little friend and an ideal way to encourage pets to be more active through play.

Willow sticks

Small pets love to gnaw on these willow sticks. A fun game is to make a teepee out of the sticks for them to knock over.