Woodgreen treat bundle with herbert

Dog Treat Bundle

A closer look at what's included - and their amazing benefits

Thank you for purchasing a treat bundle!

All profits from each purchase help to fund Woodgreen’s vital work. From life-saving operations and medicines to warmth and specialist food, you’re making a real difference to homeless and vulnerable pets. And you’re enabling us to be there for owners in need of advice and support too.


Terrificfor training

Treats are vital for obedience or trick training, so you can reward your dog’s good work! From sitting when greeting people to walking past them without jumping up, or coming back when called, there’s lots to teach. And treats can help you achieve success!

Strengthen the bond with your canine companion
And have fun!

You can also play fun games such as hide and seek with your dog – just hide some treats around the home or in a garden. If possible, ask someone to hold onto your dog and release them once you’ve hidden the treats. You could also try this when out on walkies with them too. Not only will your dog love the challenge, it also helps with concentrating their focus on you in outside environments. Go on, be a good human and give it a go – we’d love to hear how you get on!

Top tip!

Don't forget, all of these tasty (and healthy) treats are to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

2-knot Rope Toy

Perfect for a game of tug of war! As well as entertaining your pooch, the natural fibres in this toy are great for cleaning teeth and gums. Always supervise your pet when playing and limit chewing time to 15 minutes a day.

Pooch & Mutt Mini-Bone Dog Treat

Pooch & Mutt’s health and digestion treats are expertly blended so that even dogs with the most sensitive digestion can feel good inside and out. This delicious low- calorie recipe includes ingredients to promote 'good bacteria' in the gut.

Scrumbles Softies Training Treats

Baked gently to a soft bite and packed full of tasty fruits and veggies, these dog treats are the perfect reward for training. And extra soft so they can be broken up easily!

Forthglade Salmon Natural Soft Bites

These heart-shaped fishy bites are sure to get your canine companion excited. Grain free and made with natural ingredients, they're the perfect treat for even the most sensitive of tummies.

Harringtons Fresh Bakes

Gently oven baked treats containing freshly prepared ingredients for naturally locked-in nutrition that's more digestible for your four-legged friend. A rewarding treat to support training!