Cat Treat Bundle


A closer look at what's included - and their amazing benefits.

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All profits from each purchase help to fund Woodgreen’s vital work. From life-saving operations and medicines to warmth and specialist food, you could make a real difference to homeless and vulnerable pets. And you’ll enable us to be there for owners in need of advice and support too.

Cat approaching Woodgreen cat treat bundle box

Makefeeding time more stimulating

– and fun!

In the wild, cats spend lots of time stalking, catching and eating their prey. Whereas most domestic cats take two minutes to eat their food. Below are some ideas for how your cat express their natural behaviour, and make feeding more fun.

Ideas for feeding
  • Scatter feed dry biscuits around their feeding area.
  • Hide food around the house so your cat has to find it.
  • Create forage boxes with shredded paper and put dry food inside.
  • Scatter food along the floor rather than placing it in front of them – some cats really love this!
  • Make your own feeding toys – one of the most common is a triangle shape of toilet rolls stuck to a base, so your cat has to pull each individual treat out with their paw.

Top tip!

Don't forget, all of these tasty (and healthy) treats are to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

Long fluffy wand

Hunting is part of a cat’s natural instinct, and playing with a toy allows them to express this behaviour. Move it around and watch them chase and grab it like they would with their prey – hours of fun!

Scrumbles Gnashers Dental Care Treats

Many cats will suffer with dental issues during their life. These treats can help to prevent this by reducing the tartar build-up on their teeth – and keep those purrly whites looking good.

Lily’s Kitchen Salmon Treats

Your feline friend will go wild for these fabulous fishy treats! Top tip: if you have a nervous cat, treats could help to overcome this issue as they’ll start to associate people with something positive and rewarding.

Pet Munchies Cat Treats

Treats can be used as a way to interact with your feline friend. Make feeding time fun by adding this treat to a licki mat. These can also be used as a reward after a play session with their toys.

Pet Munchies Cat Treats

Ever thought of trying some training with your cat? This can be very beneficial for their wellbeing as it helps their minds to stay busy. By using treats as a reward, you’ll keep them interested and make it a positive experience!